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Secondary 1

Our programmes are designed to respond to all domains of changes - from academic to social-emotional learning - to provide your child with a holistic environment as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.


Academic Programme Outlines

English Online Tuition

1.5 hours, 10 students per class

Enthralling English 

In Secondary School, the English Syllabus demands for higher global awareness and understanding of societal issues. Our English Programmes pride themselves in providing your child with ample exposure to the world at large, without compromising on drilling their language use skills.

Mesmorizing Maths 

Maths Online Tuition

1.5 hours, 10 students per class

As mathematical concepts become more abstract, strong foundations will be built to create long-term success. Above all, our Mathematics Programme not only draws real-world links to concepts being taught but also actively shapes your child’s capacities to think logically, critically and analytically.

Science Online Tuition

1.5 hours, 10 students per class

Super Science

In Secondary School, Science gets branched out into different schools of Science - each with increased content and demand. Adopting a scientific inquiry approach to learning, our Science Programme aims at cultivating an inquisitive individual in your child that is willing to explore new territories and learn new things.

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What our students say

Jun Fu, Primary 5,

45 to 70 marks for Science in 1 term

"I really like Coach Ryuji! He is funny and smart. I love how he is able to make the subject come to life for me. My marks improved a lot because of him. Thank you!"

Nurul Aziemah, Primary 6,

45 to 70 marks for Maths 

in 1 term

"Clear and straight to the point. I didn't know Maths can be taught that way. Thank you Coach Zixuan for your help and patience. My exam marks were beyond my expectations"

Christopher Ong, Primary 6,

71 to 85 marks for English (overall paper) in 1 month.

"Time passes so fast during the lessons. Entertaining coaches, fun lessons and useful tips makes me enjoy the English programme so much."

Leonardo Tan, Secondary 2,

35 to 66 marks for Maths in

1 term.

"I was so happy to finally pass Maths. I thought of giving on the subject after  failing so much but I'm happy that I didn't. Thank you Coach Pierre for all your hard work and not giving up on me!"

Caleb Soh, Secondary 4,

53 to 70 marks for Combined Science in 1 term

"Coach Kaizer was able to breakdown very challenging concepts for me. Learning was made very easy when I was in his lesson and I appreciated that so much!"

Muhd Ashwin, Secondary 4,

60 to 75 marks for Maths in 1 month

"I finally broke the 70 marks barrier! Thank you Coach Pierre for your patience and hard work. Your tips are amazing and helped me in my examinations"