Overcoming Series:

A Parenting Webinar Series 

by Coach Anna

Do you believe in your child's potential but find it a struggle to unlock the champion within? Wish that your child can see they are capable of achieving so much more?


Join our complimentary parenting webinar series with our educational specialist and amazing mother of two, Coach Anna as she shares her parenting strategies on how to raise an overcoming champion.

About The


Coach Anna is currently the Head of Learning & Development at High Achievers. She holds a degree in Social Work (Hons) from NUS and is a certified Behavioural Consultant.


She has 15 years of experience in the areas of counselling families, youths and terminally ill patients. She is passionate about helping individuals see value in themselves and achieve their potential.

She uses a humanistic, person-centric and strengths-based therapeutic approach to help individuals acknowledge the various unique contexts which impact their lives, discover their strengths and build an overcomer mentality as they navigate through life challenges.


Her empathy and warmth help to create a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals and families to grow to their fullest potential. 



In our 45 minutes webinar sessions, Coach Anna will be diving deep into the world of parenting, addressing struggles you might have as a parent and equipping you with the practical handles on how to deal with them better. 

26th May 2021.

Overcoming Failures – Helping your child overcome failures and fulfil their potential.

2nd June 2021

Overcoming Silence- Connecting and

communicating with your child.

23rd June 2021.

Overcoming  Procrastination- Helping your child manage their time by managing their emotions.

30th June 2021.

Overcoming Addiction- Equipping your child to take control of what was controlling them.

14th July 2021

Overcoming mental barriers - How to build resilience in your child to overcome the challenges of school and life.

Overview of sessions:


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