Help your child conquer the N / O levels maths examinations with our curated resource pack.

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Conquering N / O Levels Math Resource Pack

Even in Secondary School, 40% of students in Singapore found Mathematics the most difficult subject to tackle during examinations. Solving challenging higher order thinking questions, understanding abstract concepts and a need to memorise countless of formulas for 101 different purposes can be quite a challenge for your child.

Our "Conquering N / O Levels Math" resource pack is filled with  winning strategies and essential skillsets that your child can easily adapt to boost their Mathematics grades.

In this power-packed resource, your child will learn:

  • To gain a clearer overview of what's tested during the Math exams

  • Three winning exam strategies to help them conquer their papers effectively and swiftly

  • How to clearly break down the more challenging abstract questions and how to answer them accurately

It's not too late for your child to achieve academic excellence in their Math examinations. Download the resource pack below.

What our students say

Simone Sim, Secondary 4,

35 to 64 marks for Maths in

1 term.

"The handouts that Coach Ryuji gave during lessons are super useful. I don't even have to make my own notes and just apply the techniques he shares."

Muhd Ashwin, Secondary 4,

60 to 75 marks for Maths in

1 month

"I finally broke the 70 marks barrier! Thank you Coach Pierre for your patience and hard work. Your tips are amazing and helped me in my examinations"

Lee Jun Yang, Secondary 4,

71 to 88 marks for Maths in

1 month.

"After 4 years, finally my first A1 for maths. Thank you coaches for all the strategies you shared. Very very easy to understand and apply during my maths exams."