Mathematics Mastery

Enrichment Programme

Equip yourselves with our mathematics exam techniques and conquer the examinations with swiftness and ease

Conquering Mathematics.  Our Mathematics Mastery programme is designed to help every student:

  • Understand how top-quality examination techniques can significantly contribute to examination performance

  • Half their paper completion time with good time management methods

  • Gain at least 10 more marks in their Mathematics examinations, just with the right checking techniques

Key Programme Information


Become a Mathematics Master.

  • Proven techniques to help them conquer their examinations

  • The SCANNER Method, allowing your child to complete their paper in up to half their original time 

  • The ability to accurately identify and answer questions 

Short sessions. Lasting impact.

  • Programme recommended for Primary 5, Primary 6 and Secondary School students

  • Total of 3 sessions, 2 hours each

  • Small focused group size of 7 students per sessions

Math Class

Engaging & effective sessions for all

  • Taught by our top MOE certified coaches, ensuring learning is made engaging and insightful for all our students

  • Adopting an activities-driven curriculum, your child will be kept engaged throughout the programme, without compromises being made on learning.

  • Parents are welcome to join us in our lounge area to check out the amazing learning experience your child is in.


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