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Overcoming Failures:

Building mental fortitude and

habits for resilience.

A Webinar by High Achievers Education

Receiving a bad report book, not meeting expectations, not making the cut to join the sport's team - I'm sure we all have experienced failure at some point in our lives. The question is, how do we respond to them? 

Join our complimentary webinar series with our very own life skills coach, Coach Michael, as he shares practical strategies on how your child can learn and grow through failures.


About The


Coach Michael is currently one of our experienced Lifeskills Coach at High Achievers. He holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Northampton.
Coach Michael has over a decade of experience in guiding, counselling, and leading youths from all walks of life. From volunteering in social welfare organisations to developing young leaders, he strongly believes that everyone has the potential to be a better version of themselves and to achieve and attain the success that they want in life.

With unwavering patience and dedication, he guides the next generation through the challenges and issues that they face. Having a rough start and having struggled with many of the same issues himself, Coach Michael is always empathetic and relatable.



In our 45 minutes webinar sessions, Coach Michael will be sharing the importance of learning and growing through failures. He will also be equipping your child with practical handles to help them deal with failures better.

It starts in the mind

Your child will learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and how to have an overcoming mindset instead.

Right tools to overcome

Equip your child with the right strategies on how to overcome failures in their teenage lives.

I can do this!

Your child will learn how to develop a road map for the rest of the year. Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Overview of webinar: