PSLE English Writing Online Bootcamp

Learn how to write exceptional pieces of composition with us. Get ready to excel for your English paper in PSLE!

Get ready to overcome PSLE Composition Writing.  

Our PSLE English online bootcamp is designed to help every student:

  • Ensure that their situational writing is aligned with the purpose, audience, and context of the question

  • Understand how to format structure your essay well to ensure a compelling plot that flows well

  • Acquire creative thinking skills to help build a unique and intriguing piece of writing to capture readers' attention

Key Programme Information

Be an expert in every form of writing.


  • Situational Writing. Gain a strong understanding of P.A.C, and the different formats tested

  • Eloquent Writer. Learn to set your writing apart using different writing techniques such as starting with a strong hook, building suspense and ending with a


  • Putting Them Together. Weekly writing practice with immediate feedback to build confidence in writing

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Short sessions. Lasting impact.

  • Programme recommended for Primary 6 students taking their PSLE.

  • Total of 12 sessions, 1.5 hours each

  • Small focused group size of 7 students per session

  • Pricing: $60/session or $648 for 12 sessions

*As this is a seasonal programme, do contact our learning consultant here to find about the available timeslots

Engaging & effective sessions for all

  • Taught by our energetic and lively MOE-certified coaches. Lessons are never boring with us!

  • Adopting an activities-driven curriculum, your child will be kept engaged throughout the programme, without compromises being made on learning.

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