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Primary School -

Creative Writing

Enrichment Programme

Learn how to write exceptional pieces of composition with us. Get ready to excel for your English paper in PSLE!

Exemplary Writer.  Our creative writing programme is designed to help your child:

  • Understand how to structure your essay well to ensure a compelling plot that flows well

  • Acquire creative thinking skills to help build a unique and intriguing piece of writing to capture readers' attention

  • Get equipped with an arsenal of captivating vocabulary to boost your essay writing

Key Programme Information

Develop key writing competencies


  • Strong grasp of how to structure their essay to set it apart from their peers

  • Knowledge of a wide range of writing techniques and approaches to create an interesting plot

  • A plethora of descriptive phrases and methods to keep readers constantly engaged and intrigued

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Short sessions. Lasting impact.

  • Programme recommended for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students

  • Total of 4 sessions, 2 hours each

  • Small focused group size of 7 students per session

Engaging & effective sessions for all

  • Taught by our energetic and lively MOE-certified coaches. Lessons are never boring with us!

  • Adopting an activities-driven curriculum, your child will be kept engaged throughout the programme, without compromises being made on learning.

  • Parents are welcome to join us in our lounge area to check out the amazing learning experience your child is in.

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