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Educating the hearts and minds of the next generation.

High Achievers Education is an education centre that aims to help Primary and Secondary school students experience personal breakthroughs in their academics through developing a love for learning.
Our programmes were designed to help every child ignite their passion for learning and to equip them with the necessary skillsets to excel in their academic journey.


for All

From academic tutoring to our signature enrichment programmes, short-term courses to long-term ones, there is something for everyone at High Achievers.

Upper Primary Classes
(Primary 5/6)

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As your child begins gearing up towards their Primary School Leaving Examinations, the focus of our Upper Primary Programmes is to help your child build strong academic foundations, as well as equipping them with the necessary skills to help them tackle their examinations.

Upper Secondary Classes

(Secondary 3/4)

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Upper secondary years are crucial years as all hands are on deck in preparation for the national exams. And as your child enters these pivotal years, our coaches are here to provide them with the knowledge, techniques, and support to conquer their examinations.

Lower Secondary Classes

(Secondary 1/2)

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The lower secondary years are all about changes, and gearing up for change. Change can be scary, but change leads us to new beginnings. As your child transitions into secondary school, or braces themselves for streaming, our coaches are committed to being with your child, every step of the way.

Enrichment Programmes


Education is more than just educating the mind. It is important to educate the heart as well, and that is what our enrichment programs set out to accomplish. Equip your child with valuable life skills that will definitely propel them beyond just their academics.

Embark on an Unique Learning Experience

Progress Tracking
Aligned with
Changing Syllabus
Build Winning Examination Techniques

Adapting from well-established pedagogies, we strive to cultivate an inquisitive student in every student, while breaking down concepts into easy, bite-sized ideas.

Receive individualised termly progress reports on your child’s academic and personal development, together with practical steps to help them work towards success.

Our team is committed to your child's learning, which is why our curriculum constantly undergoes improvement to keep our curriculum cutting-edge, and relevant to your child's academic needs.

Examination performance goes beyond content knowledge. This is why we pride ourselves in our dedication to not only your child’s academic development but gearing them up with the necessary techniques to conquer their examinations.

What Parents Have to Say!

Thank you parents, for entrusting your child's education with us!

"I appreciate how the teachers were able to make Mathematics engaging yet effective for my son! He turned from a C to an A student, thanks to High Achievers."

Lauren,  Parent of Primary 6 Student

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